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The Golfo Aranci Natural Shopping Center is an Association that includes traders, freelancers, entrepreneurs, artisans and third sector operators.
The Association’s “Mission” includes the defense and promotion of the work and commercial activities of all members; the preservation and dissemination of the traditions, history, arts and crafts of the area.
Our structure, which is not for profit, is part of the Regional List of Natural Shopping Centers in Sardinia and is recognized by the Tourism Department.
We are a free, independent, pluralist subject and like all associations we promote sociality as an absolute value, with the intent – with and among all the associates – to build a serious shared experience that brings us (CCN) and the city community that surrounds us with growth.
It is our intention to promote and enhance activities to support consumption and purchases, including collective ones, market surveys, research, commercial and economic development projects, agreements, street furniture projects.
The CCN of Golfo Aranci can participate in tenders and access mortgages.

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