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Luna park Leoland is an amusement park for young people and families in Golfo Aranci.

It is enthusiastically managed by the Leoni brothers, who, together with their wives and children, bring entertainment and nightlife to the city.

Present in Golfo Aranci since the late 1980s, the first installation of which was made by his father Primo Leoni, now retired, it has about 20 attractions of Made in Italy origin which are carefully renovated and embellished year after year.

The funfair has had several locations along the golfaranci’s coast, giving joy to several generations of groups, local families and vacationers.

Its current location is in Piazza Cossiga, it opens every evening from 20:00 in the Spring / Summer period.



Luna park

Piazza Cossiga
07020 – Golfo Aranci

Tel. 3291618372

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